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Terminafrog Hell'o world! development is progressing fast!

The site has been online for a month. This is an opportunity to keep you informed of the progress of the game development. It is progressing fast! In the past month, many things have been added or improved.

  • Thanks to Rewired, you can now do everything with the controller, whatever the controller (or almost). You can navigate the menus without difficulty. The training mode displays a list of controls and allows testing in game situation. In addition, a panel dedicated to the configuration of commands has been added in the options. Finally, if it is technically supported, the controller will vibrate (can be disabled in the options panel).
  • The integration of Epic Toon FX has made possible to add many very nice visual effects (such as toxic vapors, flame thrower, ...). It is much more pleasant to look at than the first versions of 512-pixel all-inclusive flame thrower.
  • New moves have been added such as the ability to dodge, target, teleport and slash. You can choose your angle and how you attack your targets. Even when you run out of ammo, you won't run out of resources.
  • The "mini-frogs" bonus effect has been added and gives more impact to your arsenal.
  • The level "I'm going to be bombed!" Has been greatly improved by adding many more bombs and there is a new level, "It's too quiet...", which I let you discover.
  • The Android TV version now works well. The controller is required for this version. However, you can also control this version with touch screen on tablet and smartphone.
Several improvements and additions are still planned (non-exhaustive list):
  • A laboratory panel for improving weapons and bonus effects. This panel will, for example, unlock new effects for ammunition (such as "explodes on impact", "poisonous", "homing").
  • A bit of variety in flies attacks and especially new patterns for bosses.
  • Some backgrounds and all the music have to be redone because they are identical to the originals (Terminafrog is based on the Glidy Frog World tour code).

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