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Warning: this game is under development. The information on this page is subject to change until its release.

Shoot'em all!

Terminafrog Hell'o world! is a vertical scrolling shoot'em up. Many flies appear as you progress through the levels. Your goal is to destroy at least half of the "flynity". You therefore pass a level winner if at least half of the level's flies are beaten.

get ready

All shots are allowed

Your destructive frog has several ways to achieve its ends of genocide. Several movements are possible:

  • shoot
  • throw a bomb
  • jump
  • dodge
  • unleash your fury
  • target
  • teleport
  • slash
  • use a bonus item

Use any means at your disposal in any way you wish.






4 weapons are available at the start of the game:

  • the basic pistol with unlimited ammo
  • the machine gunner
  • the flame thrower
  • the laser gun

In addition, Terminafrog can drop bombs. Apart from the appearance of the ammunition, these weapons are distinguished by some characteristics:

  • ammunition damage
  • rate of fire
  • possibility of crossing enemies (and therefore, potentially, to touch several of them with only one ammunition)





Bonus effects

4 bonus items are available at the start of the game. Their effects influence the course of the game for a limited time. They stop after 30 seconds or at the end of the level.

  • Slow motion, as the name suggests, slows the action around Terminafrog. This makes it easier to avoid enemy missiles and ammunition and gives her more time to drop flies from the screen.
  • The shield protects Terminafrog from enemy ammunition, missiles and vapors toxic. If a missile hits the shield, it breaks it. Go out covered, protect yourself, always have a shield on you.
  • The circular saw reveals a pointed artifact rotating under Terminafrog which makes it sharp. Roll them over!
  • The assistant mini-frogs offer significant armed support. These are two mini-Terminafrogs that shoot twice as fast as Terminafrog herself. Positioned on each side, this allows to cover a larger area.



circular saw

Circular saw






Each round you fire increases your fury gauge. Do not always use the same weapon because using all the available weapons will fill the gauge faster. When your gauge is full, unleash the fury and destroy everything in your path! For the duration of the fury, Terminafrog alternately fires ammunition from all of its weapons and bombs without touching the ammunition stores and the circular saw is active. However, beware of missiles because fury does not activate the shield.

Earn stars and unlock new elements

By completing the levels, the amount of flies you destroy determines the amount of stars you earn as a reward. The stars represent the virtual currency of the game. With the stars, you can buy ammo and bonus items or unlock new sets and fashion accessories.

you win!

8 halloween backgrounds

level selector
area 2
area 3

Pimp my frog


Control at will

You can control the frog as you want with the joystick, keyboard, mouse, or even finger on a touch screen. You choose. The training mode recalls the game controls and allows you to immediately test them in game condition. If the default setting keys do not suit you, you can modify the controls to your liking in the dedicated options screen.

gamepad commands

Gamepad commands

keyboard and mouse commands

Keyboard and mouse commands

Destruction on your favorite platform

Still in development, the current version of Terminafrog Hell'o world! is available for free download. Take advantage of it quickly, this game could become paying in final version. To date, it is possible to play it on x86 64-bit computer under Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS, and on mobiles, TV and ARM tablets under Android. The final version will, if the conditions are met, be distributed on more platforms via online stores, in particular on consoles if possible. The game requires so few resources that I don't have old enough hardware to give you the minimum config (I have a gameboy though, but...). All this is made possible thanks to Unity and if you want to know more about the technical prerequisites for running the game, I refer you to the official page: go down to the "Unity Player system requirements" section

Glidy Frog World tour legacy

Terminafrog Hell'o world! is based on the code of Glidy Frog World tour. Terminafrog Hell'o world! is like an anti-Glidy Frog. Where Glidy Frog is a walk especially appreciated by little girls (but adult males might also like, especially its hardcore mode), Terminafrog is on the contrary only threats and destruction. The backgrounds and sprites kept have been turned over to give this Halloween look. At this stage of development, many elements are still present but may not remain there. If you too want to use elements (visuals, sounds, scripts) of Glidy Frog World tour for your own creations, take a look at YLMiniGames web site or contact me.

Glidy Frog World tour

Get involved in development

For any technical problem, crash, need help to run the game, need an explanation on the game, or for any suggestion for improvement, email me at support@luyagames.com and indicates as much detail as possible: version of the game if you know it, operating system, hardware, whatever seems useful.

If you want to give a helping hand to create advertising visuals (still images or videos), visuals integrated into the game (sprites, backgrounds, buttons or cutscenes even in image by image), write me then rather at contact@luyagames.com to discuss the subject.

Under certain conditions, you can also use visuals, sounds and scripts of the game to create your own game (or create anything in fact), write to me at diy-terminafrog-hell-o-world@luyagames.com to learn more.

If you are willing to help, you can even send pasta and rice!